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Celeb Hunter

Angelina Jolie - Christian Dior

Angelina Jolie - Dior - Josephine 2

Angelina is wearing new shades here from Christian Dior. The style is a basic plastic boxy frame with a small D logo at the hinge that connects to the front of the frame. It's ok. It's what you want if you're after a slightly more conservative look from Dior.

Anna Kournikova - Prada

Anna Kournikova - Prada - PR 14GS

Is that Anna Kournikova? It's been so long since we've seen her we almost forgot what she looked like. So she's in Prada and this one's very sporty, tennis player. They are big and curved and look good on men and women.



Ben Affleck - Christian Dior

Ben Affleck - Christian Dior - 0034

This square shaped Aviator style is a great look for most guys.

Beyonce - Chanel

Beyonce Knowles - Chanel - CH-5124

Here's Beyonce wearing another new style from Chanel. It's a square retro frame with Chanel's quilt pattern on the temple.

Brad Pitt - Marc Jacobs

Brad Pitt - Marc Jacobs - 215U/S
BP is here wearing the recently popular style in Hollywood from Marc Jacobs, style 215/S.

Brad Pitt - Rayban

Brad Pitt - Ray-Ban - 3025

It's nice to see a huge star like Brad rocking one of the classics now and then. The Aviator always looks good if you have the face for it. And we all know Brad has no problems in that department.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears - Dolce Gabbana - 6017

This is a great style here from Dolce. This is one of the best pairs from them in my opinion. It is not too big and the D&G logo is just the right size. This is a perfect fit all the way.



Britney Spears

Britney Spears - Bvlgari - 6012B

In Brit's video, 'Womanizer', she's seen driving in sunglasses from Bvlgari. This elegant and feminine aviator style is part of Bvlgari's Parentesi collection showcasing the crystal covered logo as the actual hinge of the sunglasses. Ladies, if you loved Brit in these, then check them out. They are super cute.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears - Chanel - 4157Q

Britney was wearing Chanel 4157 while shopping over the weekend. This is an amazing pair with silver leather temples with the Chanel quilted pattern stitched into the arm.

Catherine Zeta Jones - Gucci

Catherine Zeta Jones - Gucci - 2598

As amazing as Catherine looks in this pair, it is a very unusual fit. The best way to describe the fit is very straight and flat. If you can wear these, they do look great.
PS - this style was also made in a smaller version.


Charlize Theron - Miu Miu

News image

 Charlize Theron - Miu Miu - MU 18gs

Yeah, this is a nice look, especially on Charlize Theron. WOW! So if you want some Pop "Poparattzi" blockers, this is a nice big dark pair that will do the trick.


Courtney Cox - Chanel

Courteney Cox - Chanel - 5076H

If you don't own the Chanel 5076, then you don't know sunglasses. This pair has the interlocking pearl Coco Chanel C's on the temple and looks amazing on everyone.

Daniel Craig - Christian Dior

Daniel Craig - Christian Dior - 0126/S

Daniel Craig was at the premiere for James Bond 'Quantum of Solace' in some shades from Christian Dior. This is a new aviator style in their collection. The style is very clean and formal with silver accents on the temple and crossbar of the frame.

Daniel Craig - Persol

Daniel Craig - Persol - 2720

Daniel Craig was wearing Persol's 2720 in scenes from the lastest James Bond movie, 'Casino Royale'. We love Persol for their signature custom hinges and always classy style.

David Beckam - Police

David Beckham - Police - 2999

This pair is big and the curve on this one makes it one of a kind.

Drew Barrymore

Elle Macpherson - Persol

Elle Macpherson - Persol - 0714

This super model knows how to wear this stunning Persol frame.

Eva Longoria - Gucci

Eva Longoria - Gucci - 2772

Eva is seen here in Gucci 2772 and DAMN she looks good in this pair. This pair features the link detailing as the arms of the glasses. The fit is perfect for a smaller face and is best for the ladies.

Eva Longoria - Prada

Eva Longoria -Prada- PS 52GS

We got Eva in some Pradas here, just another aviator from Prada's sport collection.

George Clooney - Persol

George Clooney -Persol - 2243

This is a good one by Persol. It is a smaller square Aviator shape with the trade mark Persol arrow on the temple.

Geri Haliwell - Roberto Cavalli

Geri Halliwell - Roberto Cavalli - RC 299S
Geri’s wearing Roberto Cavalli. This is hands down one of the best around right now. They are very classy and feel really amazing on. They could also be worn by men.



Gwen Stefani - Christian Dior

Gwen Stefani - Christian Dior - Diorito 1

It's a large shield with a huge silver plate on the arm that shows the Dior logo held together with large screws.

Gwen Stefani - Marc Jacobs

Gwen Stefani - Marc Jacobs - 050
This is a very unique style with frame wrapping around the lens and remains open until it reaches the end of the temple.

Halle Berry - Marc Jacobs

Halle Berry - Marc Jacobs - 013/S
Halle Berry has been seen wearing this one for a while now from Marc by Marc Jacobs.


halle Berry - Roberto Cavalli

Halle Berry - Roberto Cavalli - Teutra RC 382
Halle is hiding out in Cavalli style Teutra. This is a great style for ladies with a mid to over sized frame and the RC crystal design on the temples.


Halle Berry - Versace

Halle Berry - Versace - 4114
Ok, this pair is taking over the celebrity scene. We've spotted these on a half dozen other celebs here.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere - Rayban- 2132

So here's Hayden wearing some Wayfarers. this shows how young and old can wear this classic style.


Jay-Z -Persol 0649

Jay-Z was wearing Persol sunglasses at this show. We know that the Wayfarer look is back and hot right now.

Jude Law

Jude Law - Ray Ban - 2140

Jude Law is looking dapper here is the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer. This is a perfect example of how to properly wear the Wayfarer, with a little style and class.

Mariah Carey

Celeb Hunter content 8016b

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton -Prada- PR18IS

Paris is wearing the very stylish Prada butterfly,this it girl is bang on trend.

Paris Hilton - Christian Dior

Paris Hilton - Dior - Glossy 1
The Glossy 1 by Dior was basically made famous by Paris Hilton. With its large over sized lenses and its Hollywood look. This one is always a keeper.

Paris Hilton - Roberto Cavalli

Paris Hilton - Roberto Cavalli - RC 183S
Almost everything from Cavalli is amazing, and here's another. This Aviator inspired frame has the RC logo right in the center of the temple and is covered in crystals.

Robert Downey Jr - Rayban

Robert Downey Jr -RayBan- 3320

In this popular scene from Iron Man, Tony Stark "Robert Downey Jr.", is sporting Ray-Bans. This aviator inspired style is a very popular look for men that want a touch of cool with their sophistication.

Tom Cruise - Christian Dior

Tom Cruise - Dior - 0087/S
Ok gentlemen, pay attention because now we've spotted these on Tom and Robert Downey Jr. It's an aviator, it's square and it looks hot on guys. It also has temples that feel similar to sporty sunglasses that wrap back and around.

Tom Cruise - Gucci

Tom Cruise - Gucci - 1873/S
Tom is rocking out some shades here from Gucci. This style is like a cross between a shield and an aviator with plastic temples. It's a nice style for men and could also be worn by women.

Tom Cruise - Oakley

Tom Cruise - Oakley - Romeo
Back when MI2 came out all you had to do was say Tom was wearing Oakley Romeos and they were sold. The Romeo was considered the King of the Oakley collection for many years and currently has a new edition, the Romeo 2.



I ordered my sunglasses at around midday. . . . They arrived the following morning as promised ! Delighted ! Great to deal with ! Many thanks !

lesleyt's Review 13th Aug 2010

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